Handmade Speakers

Great Britain

Portfolio of projects

Eternity Z sound bar. This is running four 2.5" full range speakers and two 3.5" sub-woofers pointing downwards. Powering them is a stereo 50 watt amplifier with built in Bluetooth 4.0 and a line in for aux connections.

Eternity A1 portable speaker. This design was a custom design for someone with a laser engraved image on top. It has a single 3" full range speaker being driven by a 15 watt amplifier with Bluetooth 4.0.
Eternity A2 portable speaker. Double the size of the A1 and double the power. Dual 3" 25 watt full range speakers. Dual passive radiators. 

Eternity P1 portable speaker. Smaller more compact version of the Eternity A2. Dual 2" 10 watt speakers with a single 3" passive radiator facing down. 

Eternity X1 (larger speaker). Dual 4.5" woofers along with two 1" tweeters. This thing packs enough heat to shake the floor. Totaling 100 watts of power, it is the largest of the lot. 

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